Photographers In Columbia, SC

My name is “Team Kevin” Kyzer and I am your host on this magical journey called the internet. Well, at least this for this domain I am. I live in Columbia, South Carolina and I love being a photographer.  Here, at you will find a large array of different types of media, including photography and a blog. A large part of this site is my photography. I like to use cameras and take pictures. But, I don’t want to be categorized by the types of photography I do. I am not a wedding, or an editorial photographer, even though I do shoot both. I just like to think of myself as a professional picture taker.

I got my start in the world of photography in high school when I realized that skateboarding was the greatest creation of the 20th century. Skateboarding allowed me to express myself physically, as well as give me a way to escape when I expressed myself verbally to someone who was bigger than me. With our youthful exploits, we realized that we wanted to document them to prove ourselves to other skaters. As a result, a love of cameras came to me, both still and video.

Photography Is My Art

Since high school, I have taken pictures and video of some of the most amazing people alive. And now, I want to create a way to share these moments with you. I have come to embrace the world in a new way.  It is possible to capture a moment and turn it into a truly artistic photograph.  And, that is my goal, every time I pick up my camera.  

I am also the administrator, photographer and blog writer for London and Lace Bridal Boutique. I also want to share my love of telling a story. The blog that is attached to this website is a verbal expression of how I see the world.  The old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  I totally agree, but I also think a few words can’t help to better explain what I was feeling or experiencing when I took the picture.  

So take some time to look around and see if my vision can match yours.  I am sure that you will see that I can capture your day just the way yo want to remember it.

“Team Kevin” Kyzer