As you know, I work for Thunder Tower Harley Davidson in Columbia, SC. I love working around motorcycles, especially Harley-Davidson bikes. I like the sound, the look and the community that is involved. I especially like them older bikes.

My General Sales Manager has a few old motorcycles in the warehouse. This one, in particular catches my eye. It is a 1994 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail. I feel like this is the bike that Doc Holliday would ride if he were alive today. That of course, comes from my obsession with cowboys and handlebar mustaches. The character portrayal of Holliday in Tombstone by Val Kilmer is one of my favorite characters and I think he would command the old west on one of these.

So, I got a little inspired this week and took it out for a photograph. Nothing fancy, I just wanted to see it out in the sun. These straight pipes and those ape hangar bars give this bike a look that inspires me to justice. What inspires you? If you have a minute, sit down and think about it. Once you figure it out, use it to inspire you to follow your dreams. 😉