A Photographer Who Shutters

A Photographer Who Shutters

I think my title for this blog is a play on words. Get it? In any case, this was one of my favorite street photography shots from New York City this past weekend. Not because of the “artistic integrity,” but for the sheer insanity of the subject matter. If you notice, this girl is standing next to a dump truck.

Why is that funny to me? Mainly for the reason that it is representative of our state of civilization. As a photographer, it is my job to capture the right moment. I spend all of my time making sure others are remembered. Now, this girl will never remember posing for this shot because she did not know that I was taking it. However, I do, and I can tell you that there is so much that this photo leaves out of what really happened.

I was about 40 feet away when I snapped this picture, so I can honestly tell you that this truck smelled really bad. And, I don’t mean bad, I mean, really, really bad. For crying out loud, it’s New York City. At any given time there is a giant 6 foot pile of trash right next to you, that the mafia trucks need to come and pick up. You ought to know, that the trash workers are not going to split it up nicely. It all gets mixed up and creates the worst smell. And, my family and me could smell it.

So why did this “millennial” on the bike not smell it? I will tell you why, because the text message that she received was more important to her than the smell of the truck that is 2 feet away from her. Damn hell son!! Can’t you put down the phone long enough to get to a spot that doesn’t smell like the backside of a raccoon’s ass?! I guess not, because she is just standing there, inhaling all of the fumes that go along with it. All because we are cyborgs in training.

It’s not that I am sitting on my horse on any level. I just think that the smart phone is obviously making us dumber. I “shutter” to think what this world is coming to. 😉