Look at that style

My name is “Team Kevin” Kyzer and I am your host on this magical journey called the internet.  Well, at least this for this domain I am.  Here, at Blogandthebeast.com you will find a large array of different types of media.  A large part of this site is my photography.  I like to use cameras and take pictures.  But, I don’t want to be categorized by the types of photography I do.  I am not a wedding, or an editorial photographer, even though I do shoot both.  I just like to think of myself as a professional picture taker who is all about making better photography.  I got my start in the world of photography in high school when I realized that skateboarding was the greatest creation of the 20th century.  Skateboarding allowed me to express myself physically, as well as give me a way to escape when I expressed myself verbally to someone who was bigger than me.  With our youthful exploits, we realized that we wanted to document them to prove ourselves to other skaters.  As a result, a love of cameras came to me, both still and video.  The image above is the only remaining photo I have of my high school skating.  25 years of moving around the southeast has caused me to lose a lot of things.  This is actually one of my first self portraits.  How about that?  A “selfie” 25 years before they were cool.  Only the finest in innovation here at blogandthebeast.com.  Since high school, I have taken pictures and video of some of the most amazing people alive.  And now, I want to create a way to share these moments with you.  I also want to share my love of telling a story.  The blog that is attached to this website is a verbal expression of how I see the world.  It is unfiltered and truthful, and unfortunately not for all because the truth hurts.  So take some time to look around and see if my vision can match yours.

“Team Kevin” Kyzer