Ballet Photography Columbia City Ballet The ballet for Peter Pan was my first one, and I was hooked.  It filled a void in my life that was left when I realized that I wasn’t able to get out and shoot photos with skateboarders anymore.  

Most of my friends have either moved out to California to pursue their dreams, or they are old and starting to raise families here in Columbia, SC.  I realize now, that getting old is a fact of life, but you are never really aware of it, until you are aware of it. At that point, you look around and search for that next thing that is actually doable in your life.  Photography is that thing that I can do as long as I am alive.

The Dance

The ballet was that thing for me.  It allowed me to shoot something that was aesthetically beautiful, but without all of the falls on the hard pavement. a typical session on a skateboard can last a few hours and you may come away with 10 shots that you can use.  The ballet is much different.  A 2 hour show can let you come away with 200 shots.  In that way, the ballet is similar to a wedding.  A short amount of time gets you a large return.

I am very grateful for the opportunity of shooting the ballet and I look forward to the years to come.  My photography has taken off to new levels for it because it has taught me to look for the passion that two people have for one another, and the execution of that passion on the dance floor.  I know that as I shoot it more, I will better understand it, and increase the shots that I come away with in a performance.  I am already looking forward to the next show that they are performing, “Beauty and the Beast.” It is going to be magical.