Tomorrow, my family and I go to New York City for bridal market and for a family vacation. We have not ever been a vacation like this, so it is exciting and nerve wrecking all at the same time. But, I am excited about it because I think this will be a new stage for growth for my children and myself. Stoked!

I am especially excited about the fact that my son is going with me and we are going to do a lot of photography and video while we are there. He has his iPhone set up to capture his trip and learn how to do video blogs, so it should be exciting for him. I am also going to introduce him to black and white photography.

I learned a long time ago that one of the best things about digital cameras is the ability to shoot in black and white. Black and white allows you to see where the light is hitting hardest and softest. Therefore, giving you a better chance at a proper exposure. I learned a lot from shooting that way and I think he will to.

Keep a look out for some new pics and blogs in the next coming weeks. You are going to see a lot of street photography from NYC, both from me and from my son. Have a great weekend!