New Way To Lose Weight

That’s right folks, I am going to teach you how to lose weight. Keep reading and I am going to teach you the new fad in the fitness industry, and if you are lucky like me, the only thing you have to pay for it might be included in your rent. But first, let me say this. Evolution isn’t real, but adaptation is, which makes it advantageous to you. The reason I feel I can say this is simple, you can measure adaption down to the minute you start. But you can’t really measure evolution, and that is why it is a hypothesis. End of discussion move on to the technique kid!

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Support The Arts

But first, let us admire this beautiful picture of Claire and Bonnie that I took during their Columbia Summer Dance Repertory performance. If you don’t know what that is, you should follow the link, and then see how you can do your part to support the Arts. If you do not support the arts, you are supporting a fascist government that does not allow freedom and self expression, which means that right now you might be trying to squash the arts with you meager attempts, but it won’t matter because everyone in the arts will band together like Voltron, and we will defeat you with our beauty and our ability to make you question your bliss filled tyranny because we can write better run on sentences than you can!!!

Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How

Sorry, I just had to sneak that in past the censors. In all seriousness, you have to give it up for Claire and Bonnie because this photo captures years of training and trust with one another as partners and as performers. See them this season at the Columbia City Ballet, and watch them fly on stage for you. If you want to lose weight, do what I have been doing. And for the record, if I have ever prevented anyone from knowing this joy, my apologies are to them. Here it is folks, start dancing in the shower. Simple right. How could that possibly make a difference in the shower or in life in general? It is simple because it is just you adapting to a new stress in your life. The only difference is that you will enjoy it and your body will not treat it as stress. Do you ever see those people dancing down the street? Our instinct is to think that they are crazy because they are different than us. And if someone is different in our society they should be stopped!! Right? “No, Dumbasses in power,” said the all of the tax paying voters!! If something is different we look at it, love it and learn from it. That crazy person dancing, nine times out of ten is thin and healthy. The other 1 out of ten just caught on and is trying to get there.

So if you want to lose weight, just start dancing in the shower. I say dancing in the shower, because there you are alone and confident. I like to put on some Steely Dan because they are just so damn groovy and it makes me feel like I did in the skating rinks as a kid. Who doesn’t want to feel like that? After you get comfortable in the shower, you might start dancing while you cook. Over time your body will adapt to that new activity by slimming down in those places where you want them to. And, when you go out in public to shake your booty, you will have some sick new moves to throw down on the dance floor. So, once again, the easiest way to lose weight, is just start dancing in the shower. You heard it first here, on