Marketing and the Photographer

A Sense of Humor

Photography is not just for keepsakes and memories. Photography is a powerful tool that can be used to grab your customer’s attention, and get them in the door to see the products and services that you offer. One of the things that I do on the side of my regular job, is social media marketing for local businesses around town. Some of those businesses are London and Lace Bridal Boutique, Landon Roes Atelier and Best Mattress.

When I approached the owner of Best Mattress with an idea, I knew that it would work. But, to be honest, the original idea was a little bit more adventurous. If you take a look at the photograph in this blog, you will notice that I took certain “liberties,” with this idea. The idea stems from a need that customers might have. Specifically, the need for a new mattress. Sure, people might need a new mattress because their present one is lumpy, uncomfortable or ripped. But, what about when your partner cheats on you. Surely, you don’t want to continue sleeping in that bed anymore. And, I apologize for calling you Surely. With that idea in mind, I set out to make a campaign.

The original idea for the photo was to say, and I apologize in advance if it offends, was to say, “I met her in a bar, and now it burns when I pee.” Needless to say, the owner that was too big of a risk, so I had to water it down. I went with, “He cheated on me, you can have it,” because it was more acceptable for the masses. Turns out, it was a good decision. This photo had a lot of shares, likes and comments straight out of the gate. The real test is to see if it brings in the sales.

My question to you is, do you think I went too far, or do you think I checked off all of the boxes? Personally, I think I did exactly what it takes to grab the attention needed. Sure, I could have played it safe, and went with a more traditional approach. I could have said, “Our mattresses are the best, buy them today!” But, do you think that would have gone as far? I don’t. 😉