You Never Forget a Smile

don’t forget to smile

The old saying is that it takes more muscles to frown that it does to smile. But now, with the power of the internet, I can disprove that statement in under a minute. It actually takes less to frown, which implies that gravity is still a factor in our lives. The actual science of it is, that because people smile more often, the muscles used are in better shape. This means that it becomes easier to smile the more you do it. Who would have thought that you could get exercise by smiling more? On top of that, if you knew how much exercise it takes to get my daughter to smile for the camera…?

The thing that is amazing is how that smile can affect someone else. Yesterday, I saw a smile that I haven’t see in a long time. I hadn’t thought about how much I missed that smile until I saw it again. For a brief second, it almost caused confusion in me. Is she really smiling at me? Did she mean to do that? I didn’t overthink it for too long. I just accepted it and got lost in the moment. It was at that point that I paid attention to the feelings that were coming over me. They were of utter joy and happiness. The feelings that swelled up in my chest were warm and comforting. It was like someone had thrown a blanket over a soul that was slowly going cold. A new energy of hope swelled over me and I felt good again.

Later on in the conversation, it happened again. A soft subtle smile that most of us overlook on a daily basis. We take for granted the power of human connection. Can you blame us? Social media and the total of societal acceptance make us run around like headless chickens just looking for something to cluck about. We tend to forget that it is the individual that we connect with, not the group orientation. I felt connection again with that individual simply because they used 10 muscles to smile at me. Imagine the difference we can make in this life if we put down our need for societal acceptance and just learn to smile at each other more. It starts with me. I want to “be the change” that I want to see in the world. This will be my first smile of the day. I hope to see yours again soon. 🙂