What you see before you is one of the greatest shots I have ever taken. Why? Because I hunted this man like I was hunting a deer in the wilderness. Let me explain. I was the photographer hired for the wedding of Jay Wooten and Annie Konduros. Annie is one of the most photogenic people that I have ever seen on camera. She works in the modeling/entertainment industry and is surrounded by extremely talented cameramen everyday of her life. For some reason, I guess she wanted different, so she hired me. Jay was the kicker for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks, and is a riot waiting to happen. Seriously, this guy is absolutely hysterical and one of the kindest men I have ever had the pleasure to work for in this line of work.

With that being said, you will understand that every time that I turned the camera on him, he made the most ridiculous face he could. He was determined to make my job difficult. And it was! I followed him around tirelessly through getting ready for the wedding, to walking down the aisle and through the cheers of his friends at the reception. Every time he saw the camera, he made a face.

It was not until late in the evening that I found him at the cigar bar section of the reception enjoying one of the hand wrapped cigars they were serving. Life has a strange way of making things perfect and I found myself with a happy little accident. The air condition in the venue was pumping on high because it was during the dead of summer in Charleston, SC. As I stepped outside to the smoking area, wouldn’t you know it, my lens started to fog up. I wiped it clear only to have it start fogging up again as I found my target. I got off two shots before he noticed me and boom, there was the funny face.

When I got home to edit, I knew I had something. This was one of two shots I edited for them that night. In this shot, Jay could not look more James Bond unless you put a Walter PPK in his hand. And with the fog around him, it looks amazing. That’s right, this shot is straight out of the camera. I did no editing whatsoever. Annie couldn’t believe I got a shot like this of her betrothed. I was so happy with it, that I almost felt like I needed to get it stuffed and mounted like a trophy. In any case, it proves that photography is not easy, and to be a great photographer you have to have patience. My patience paid off and my client went away happy. As for me, I came away with great material for this blog. 🙂