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I am not sure if this child saw me or not. It’s quite possible that this child was just playing and swinging his arms around in a fit of utter rage, and just happened to look in my direction when I clicked the shutter button. Or, he could have been totally aware that I had the camera pointed at him. Either way, it made for a great capture.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture of a red car that had this cute little dog riding by looking right at me. This time, it was the exact opposite. I was riding in a taxi cab with the window down looking for opportunities to shoot. As we rolled by, this happy little fellow seemed to be looking right at me, waving to get my attention. Right there, I said, “seemed to be.” I said that, because it is hard for me to believe that this little guy is that aware of his surroundings in one of the largest cities in the world. Which is also an important thing to note. When you are walking in New York, you don’t see that many children in the actual city. It is mostly adults living their lives in the hustle and bustle of survival. So, when you see a child enjoying this world of concrete and stone, it is refreshing.

I, of course, realize that I am breaking the number one rule of street photography, by allowing the subject to look at the camera, but it worked this time. I think the reason why, is photography is all about telling a story. Or, better yet, telling a mystery that the viewer must solve. The story here is one of everyday life. A mother pushing her child through the busy streets, while she is actively engaged in social media. While, at the same time, she is unaware that her toddler is making friends with strangers. Oddly enough, the social media “emoticons,” that are prominently displayed in the store on the right, are designed to make children smile. 

Social media has made a huge impact in society, and this photo says a ton about it. The main thing that I get from it, is the blissful ignorance that the child has about the concept of social media. He doesn’t care about whether his followers like his image of the baby bottle that he enjoyed last night. All he cares about, is joyfully taking in everything around him that his life has to offer. Sometimes, I wish we could all get back to that blissful ignorance of a child. 🙂