Life as a photographer is very complicated. You get to go on so many adventures, but you never really get to enjoy them because you are naturally obsessed with capturing every moment. But, the upside is, that you are always prepared to capture every moment. 

A few months ago, my wife came to me with the idea of getting a new puppy for my birthday. Yeah, it wasn’t something that I asked for, it was something that she was suggesting. But, I love my wife and both of the kids were excited about it, so I gave in. For the most part, the puppy is wonderful. For the worst part, that puppy is, for lack of a better way to say it, a piss and shit machine. I know, I know, I shouldn’t use bad language, but honestly, I don’t care about that anymore. I don’t think the use of the words piss and shit are going to keep me out of God’s good graces, so I will continue to use them as I do. Think about this. Does using the words, urine and feces machine invoke the same understanding? No. I sound like a nerd when I say it like that. And if I say that the dog is a peepee and poopoo machine, I just sound stupid.

So anyways, this dog has successfully destroyed most of the floors in my house and we have been locking him up in the laundry room to try and control his performance habits. We bought the safety fence that was recommended by PetSmart and I installed it. Only to find out that the dog was escaping. One day, I hid behind the corner to see what was going on. That dog was wiggling his way underneath the fence. Ha! I’ve got him!! In a vain attempt to keep him in his place, I lowered the fence two inches. Now he will stay put. Wrong!

The Escape

The next day he was out again. Back to the drawing board. This is where being a photographer came in handy. I set up a camera in the den and made it sound like I was leaving. He patiently waited to make sure the coast was clear, and then he made his move. What I captured was hysterical. His mode of escape was to use this crazy “Fosbury Flop” technique of throwing himself over the fence using his his neck and legs against the wall. I honestly didn’t know whether to be mad or proud of how smart my dog is. 

Now, I have another gate mounted above the first and he is trapped. No chance of escape now! But, I am left with the question about myself. Should I be happy or embarrassed that I was able to outwit a 3 month old dog?