As I have been looking on the internet, I have discovered that there are not to many people in this world that have successfully photographed a zombie. Sure, many people have shot them with pistols and rifles, but there are not many who have used a camera and lived to tell about it. And then, there is me. I would not say that I am the best photographer in the world by any standard of the word. But, I am dedicated to my craft and the rewards for being the man to do it were worth the risk involved.

I Did It

As I was walking through the apocalypse known as Times Square in New York City, I was aware that many walkers were around. This put the fear of God in my wife’s eyes, but I am not scared. I fear nothing in this world. Well, except spiders, snakes, skunks, mafia hitmen and loose women, those things terrify me. I was the first to the zombie girl limping towards us. When my wife saw her, she yelled, “there’s one.” I know that doesn’t sound great, but that’s how I remember her saying it.

I noticed that this “walker,” as they are called on The Walking Dead, was limping do to the bite marks on her leg. Undoubtedly, she didn’t go down without a fight. My heart went out to her briefly, and then I decided to go to work. As I weaved from the left to the right to confuse her, she kept walking towards us. Snarling and making all kinds of weird noises. I stopped down to 1.4 on my trusty lens, and started snapping away. The zombie girl was confused at first, and then realized she was hungry, which forced her to keep walking towards me. Once I had the shot set up how I wanted it, I took this photo you see here.

Out of nowhere, my wife produced a machete and started swinging. With one swoop of the blade, she cut the walker’s head off. I was stunned! As we started moving in the opposite direction of the herd of walkers that had now noticed, I realized two things. Always have your camera ready for the shot, and never underestimate your wife. She could also be holding a random machete. 😉