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I was thinking about the The Nutcracker Ballet that I had shot last weekend and realized that my blogs were a little one sided.  They came from the perspective of the grace a beauty of the female form, and how captivating it is to watch them dance.  And then it hit me, I should write about the men that perform in the ballet.  I should write about guys like, Leonardo Victorino.  I haven’t spoken much to him other than in passing, because the dancers always seem to be so focused on getting ready for their performances. But, the conversations that I have had with him when posting photos of him in action have been extremely pleasant and engaging.  He was seems to be so appreciative for the photos that I take.  And, in all honesty, isn’t that why a photographer does what he does?  He takes pictures that will not only please himself, but also his clients.

The last two ballets that I shot, were Dracula and The Nutcracker.  In both of these, he had what I would call “pivotal” roles.  He played the lead role of the vampire himself in Dracula, and the Nutcracker Prince in the most recent performance.  What I have noticed most about Leonardo is his ability to leap into the air and cover large distances in a single bound.  I know that last statement sounds a little like something out of Superman, but it is true.  It is as he literally flies across the stage.  One of the pictures that is attached to this blog is of him as the Nutcracker.  How he is able to jump with that headpiece on is beyond me, but he makes it seem effortless.

Leonardo Victorino

How long have you been doing ballet?

-I have been dancing for 9 years.

Where did you start?

-I started dance in the Maestro Fego Camargo School of Arts in Taubaté/SP Brazil, and after 1 year I moved to South Brazil to join to the Bolshoi Ballet School in Joinville/SC Brazil, where I graduated in 2009.

What is it about the ballet that draws you to it?

-Since child I’m in love with ballet, but I was trying others things as violin, painting, theater… always involved in arts, and one day stop everything and decided Ballet because for me I can have all the kind of Arts in the same time.

Did you go to school for anything else?

-Since I started Ballet I gave all the dedication to this, so after graduating in the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet School I started my Professional career working professional in great Brazilian companies in Rio the Janeiro, Brazil , before move to USA and start my career here.

Is this what you wanted to do?

-Yes, this is what I do for life as professional and what I want and love to do.

Do you have any advice for any of the younger ones, (like my daughter) that want to pursue this as a career?

-My advice is for being always brave and give the best to make your dreams come true! Ballet is a hard art that requires a lot of dedication as so many professions ! So never give up and give all your love to it!

All of Your Love

For all of these blogs that I have done on the ballet dancers, I have come away with one thought that I could take from them to apply it to my own life.  Leonardo says that if you are going to do something, you give all of your love to it.  You don’t hold back and you do what it takes to make it.  You never give up.  You never let others tell you that you won’t make it, or that you are not good enough.  That is one of the most true statements you can make.  I know for a fact that I have applied that same philosophy to my photography.  I had people tell me that I could not make it, and that my stuff was not as good as others.  But instead of believing them and getting depressed, I continued to believe in myself and my abilities.  I, like Leonardo, have poured all of my love and passion into my own art, and everyday I am thankful what I accomplish, and for the direction that I am headed.  I relate to Leonardo, not because he is a magnificent dancer, but because he is a passionate one.  That same passion resides in me every time I pick up my camera.  I feel as if Leonardo has the heart of a bull, and that we will see him accomplish many great things in this life.  For this reason, Leonardo Victorino is Good People.

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