Photographer Columbia SC


All of those little moments in life that we miss, add up to being the fast paced life that we all have come to live.  When I was in New York, it was really hard for those moments to get away from me. For four straight days, I was able to carry my camera around with me everywhere I went. It was truly an extension of everything that I have ever wanted to be for one reason of another. And, for all of the trips to New York City that my wife and I have taken over the past 3 years, this one felt like I had crossed into a new level.

Saturday morning, was to be our first full day of work, and as usual, I was up at the crack of dawn.  I took my normal shower and shave, whilst my wife continued to sleep, and wanted our morning coffee. As I set out into the obligatory area of New York, known as Times Square, I searched for a place to buy coffee that didn’t have the word starbucks in it’s name. Traffic was light, and the day of exploiting tourists was about to begin for the costumed weirdos. This red sedan was rolling by, and I saw him. I guess it is a him, because all dogs are boys and all cats are girls, right? Anyways, this little guy was staring at me and like a cowboy at high noon, I drew my weapon of choice, my camera. The fact that this little dog seems to be staring right through my soul, is staggering. The contrast of him against the red of the sedan is striking to me.

If I hadn’t of had my camera, I would have missed this little moment in time. I would have nudged my friend, or chuckled to myself and moved on.  But, it was little moments like, this I was looking for while I was walking around the cool city streets.  Is it a prize winning photo? Probably not, but it does make me warm and fuzzy inside. I mean, really, it’s a cute dog hanging out of a car. It’s a cliche, but it’s also real life. It does make me want to appreciate those little moments in life that we miss. If you are reading this for inspiration, then take this to heart. Take time to appreciate these little moments in life. If you don’t, you will miss what could be the best parts of your life.