Soooo…working at Thunder Tower Harley-Davidson has been a real treat for my career as a photographer. For the simple reason, that I get to take pictures of motorcycles. And not just any motorcycles, I take pictures of Harley Davidson motorcycles. The most awesome piece of American Pie that you can own. The chrome, the sound and the ride are like no other, and the feeling that you get are well worth the cost you put down.

Every few weeks, we have events at the dealership. They might be big events, or small ones, it does not really matter. What matters is that some of the most beautiful bikes I have ever seen come through our dealership. Thunder Tower is one of the largest dealerships in the southeast, and we definitely sell more touring bikes than anyone.

On a random Saturday a few weeks back, there was a bike show and I pulled out the Nikon to get some photos of what I saw. There were some really beautiful rides, and attached to this blog are a few for you to peruse at your leisure. I plan to show more soon, so please stay tuned. And if you get the chance, tell everyone about Blog and the Beast. I am only getting better at giving you quality photography. 🙂