This photo is one of my favorite fun shots of the past year. I took it in New York City at the Ludlow Hotel. My wife and I stayed there during Bridal Week last year. This has to be one of my favorite hotels that we have stayed in. This room was called the Skybox Suite, and it was wonderful. We were on one of the top floors with this beautiful view surrounding us on 3 sides of our room.

One morning while my wife was asleep, I woke up early to take a sunrise photo. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much that I could capture as far as the sun goes, but my feet seemed to prove quite enjoyable. We had our own balcony that had a door to the outside. Mind you, the actual porch outside was big enough for me to sit down with no chair, but it was still exciting. As I was hanging my feet over the side, I saw an opportunity to shoot my feet as if I were falling down to the city streets below.

In post edit, I thought it would be cool to add some fairy balls. I bet you didn’t know that fairies have balls, but they do. Big and bright and floating up in the air where all can see them. Kidding! I added these orbs for effect and really pushed the blues in my jeans for an added cinematic feel. If you look close enough, you can see the nail polish that my 6 year old painted on my toes.

I have said before, that photography is an art form, and it is supposed to invoke an emotion. If at the least, I am the only person affected by this photograph, I can be happy. This photo invokes the feelings that New York gives. That hustle and bustle to make it in the world inspires me, and you cannot find that anywhere better than NYC. In October we go back for market, only this time we are taking the kids with us. I truly think that this might be the most magical trip we have had or might have because these kids are about to be blown away by the energy that is all around New York City. As a photographer, I am most excited about capturing that.