Skateboarding at Owen's Field

Skateboarding Has Ruined My Life At Least 3 Times

What is it about skateboarding that draws me in? I still remember my first board. I was 7 years old and it was a Hobie “banana” board. That wasn’t the official name, that is just what the shape looked like. It was also before there was such a thing as a “cruiser” board. Back then, a skateboard was a skateboard. Nowadays, there are all kinds and manner of skateboards available to the masses. It has become somewhat confusing. I love and hate skateboarding all at the same time. And at this age, I can not do it like I use to, because I barely have time to do it at all. But I think about it everyday, and wish that I could be out just pushing down Main st. The feeling of the road beneath your feet is intoxicating. That rush of going downhill full speed and terrified that you will hit that one rock that will send you flying is impossible to explain. And I am not talking about doing it on a long board with big soft urethane wheels, no, no, I am talking about doing it on a regular board with small hard wheels. The kind of board that will allow you to pop an ollie over an obstacle and keep on cruising. That feeling is the best.

But, the life of skateboarding has taken a huge toll on my life. It has ruined relationships of mine, caused me to lose employment and put a tremendous strain on my body. With all of that baggage in tow, how could one believe that I would ever be interested in ever setting foot on a board again. Yet, if I could walk out this door and skate with my friends at a park or just cruise down the street, I would do it in a heartbeat. You might ask why I can’t do it. Because of the job, the family and the responsibility that goes with them keeps me busy with little time for anything else. I love skateboarding. But I love my family more, and I would give up anything just to sit by my wife on the couch and watch my children open gifts on Christmas. Their joy has has become my priority. So, I don’t get to do it as much as I used to, and when I do, it is not the same. But all and all, skateboarding gave me some of the best years of my life. I was able to meet all of my childhood idols, and be able to call most of them friend. I saw my country in way that few could ever understand and saw history being made on more than one occasion with some of the greatest skaters alive. As we move along in this little world of blogging, I hope to share some of those memories with you. But to be honest, unless you are a skater, you might not ever understand.