New York City

Who sits in this chair? In order to find out, you must take a trip with me to New York City.  It is there, that you will not only find out, but you will also experience what it is like to hustle.  I am sure you may think you know what hustle means, but do you know what it means to hustle like a New Yorker?  Trust me, there is a difference.  And, I am not saying that to insult you, or to make you feel like you are not giving enough effort in life.  I am just saying it because I feel led to share a lesson that my wife Lisa and I learned on our last trip to New York City for Bridal Market.

If you don’t know by now, my wife owns London and Lace.   London and Lace is an upscale bridal boutique that serves the City of Columbia by bringing in bridal designers that insist on quality as there main goal.  These designers are either made in the United States, or made in the country where they are designed.  There is no outsourcing, synthetics or dangerous chemicals used in the making of these gowns, and each one is made one at a time.  This is how it was originally done, and how our world should get back to doing again.  Every April and October, we make the trek to the “Big Apple,” and look at the new lines that the designers have a available, as well as possible new designers that we may want to bring into the boutique next.  

This trip to New York City is the most fast paced adventure that my wife and I take, and it never disappoints us.  From the choices of food that are available, to the events that may randomly be going on while you are there, it seems that the city really doesn’t sleep.  It almost seems as if the streets are really alive and pushing you to be involved.

Our trip started Friday morning with a flight out of Charlotte.  The flight to New York is always an anxious one because of the excitement to get there.  This is where the first form of hustle begins.  But, to be honest, this is the hustle that you are used to in life.  The constant flow of faces that pass by you on your way through the lines seem to blur into one another. Nothing stands out to you until you see a child screaming about candy, or an absolutely adorable pet that is accompanying a person on a flight for therapy.  You stand in line after line, until you finally make it into your seat on the plane, where you find yourself waiting again.  But, when you land in Laguardia airport and find yourself in the line for taxi cabs, the adventure truly begins.  That is when the hustle begins.  There is “dilly-dallying” around.  When it is your turn, you take the cab and you jump in with no seat belts.  

And, as you drive over the bridge and through the tunnel into the city, you start to notice something about this town that is different then any other place you have been.  You start to notice an energy that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.  It is an energy that thrives on the success of making in in this city, because if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.  I really believe that, and I think you will too after you read the rest of this story.

How long is this story, you ask?  I am really not sure.  As a photographer, this is the best trip of the year because there is so much to photograph.  There is so much to take in and you want to capture it all.  Over the course of 4 days, I took close to 1700 photographs.  I will admit, that not all of them are keepers, but a large majority are, and I couldn’t be happier with the ones that came out.  I am going to be showing you these photos over the course of this story, both on this website, and the London and Lace website.  I am going to show you what hustle is all about, and hopefully, if I do it right, I will inspire you to create more hustle in your own life.  Because, what I learned on this trip was, it does not matter if you are a real estate banker, actor or homeless.  In New York City, if you don’t hustle, you will not make it.  But, if you give it your all, the rewards are immeasurable.  

Continued in part 2