photographer Columbia, SC

What is it about dogs that make us smile? It is not a necessity to have one, or 7 for that matter, but most do have one as a pet. Is it the dominance factor that we, as humans think we have over them? Or, is it the cuteness factor?

Most, would say that it is definitely the cuteness factor. When I was walking through Times Square this past April, I couldn’t help but notice this little Yorky walking along with it’s owners. I knew my daughter would flip out when she saw it, because she loves dogs more than she loves me. I had my new 85mm 1.4 lens on my camera, and I thought it to be a perfect time to try it out. The photo that I got, was this awesome shot of this dog looking larger than life. The way the hair gets blurred out by the focal point makes the animal look like a wild beast.

I think that is the great thing about taking photos. Two cameras with the exact, identical gear set up could not take the same picture. But, when you consider how much your gear effects the picture, it gives the whole dynamic of a photo being as individual as a fingerprint, a new meaning. Which begs the question, does your gear determine the style of your photography, or does your style determine your gear? Can you really look at a photo and see a style? If you can, then I feel like it is my goal to learn all styles, so that I have none. Does that make sense? I am not sure if it does, and I am not sure if matters. I am sure of one thing. You cannot help but smile at this photo of this dog. 😀