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Surprise!! I actually said that, after I shot this. I love abusing cliche’s with photography. You can really get away with so much these days. I was walking to get coffee Saturday morning, when I saw these happy tourists taking advantage of the slow morning streets of Times Square. I missed their first try because I was off my regular coffee game. 

But, their second try was another story. While the fair skinned one remained unaware of my lens, the brunette realized that I had my eye on them. I can’t decide if the her looking at me makes it better or worse. I do know that it shows just how fun life was, when we were young. That feeling of blissful ignorance is something that I miss terribly.

I don’t know if it was the fact that I yelled, “surprise,” after I took it, or the fact that a man with a camera and a ridiculously huge mustache was capturing them, but something made them let out the greatest laugh. Which, honestly, was very relieving. I did not want to come off as a creaper. I just wanted to capture that energy, that only that city can bring out of you. 

All in all, think this shot is so fun. It makes me long for those days of laughter again. Now, there is a mix of responsibility and total abandon that my head constantly battles. Not in a bad way, mind you. It is a battle to be responsible in a very hard world, matched with a joyous sense to try and enjoy every moment of it. In any case, it is not envy these girls have stirred in me, on the contrary. It is actually appreciation for the life that I did have, that makes me appreciate what they are enjoying now. Never lose that smile. 😀