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Columbia sc photographer

Photography and Marketing

Photography is not just for keepsakes and memories. Photography is a powerful tool that can be used to grab your customer’s attention, and get them in the door…

Columbia SC Photographer

Catch That Moment Photographer

What you see before you is one of the greatest shots I have ever taken. Why? Because I hunted this man like I was hunting a deer in…

Columbia SC photographer

The Photographer Who Shutters

I think my title for this blog is a play on words. Get it? In any case, this was one of my favorite street photography shots from New…

Columbia SC Photographer

A Photographer and Exploitation

Have you ever thought about what your responsibility as a photographer is? I have. I think about it every time I pick up a camera. Every time I…

Columbia SC Photographer

Love and Street Photography

This past weekend, my wife and my kids accompanied me to New York City for Bridal Market. My wife had all of her appointments to attend to as…

photographer in columbia sc

Black and White Photography

Tomorrow, my family and I go to New York City for bridal market and for a family vacation. We have not ever been a vacation like this, so…

photographer columbia, sc

A Photographer and Motorcycles

As you know, I work for Thunder Tower Harley Davidson in Columbia, SC. I love working around motorcycles, especially Harley-Davidson bikes. I like the sound, the look and…

Photographer Columbia SC

How To Photograph A Zombie

As I have been looking on the internet, I have discovered that there are not to many people in this world that have successfully photographed a zombie. Sure,…

Photographer in Columbia SC

Motorcycles and Photography

Soooo…working at Thunder Tower Harley-Davidson has been a real treat for my career as a photographer. For the simple reason, that I get to take pictures of motorcycles….

A photographer in NYC

New York, New York

This photo is one of my favorite fun shots of the past year. I took it in New York City at the Ludlow Hotel. My wife and I…