I think about you at night. As I lay tossing and turning, I begin to realize a hard truth. My body is already going through the motions. The twisting around each other, in search of the next placement upon your hips, it takes me over. For so long, I have thought that this constant rolling from side to side comes only from restlessness. Now I see where I was mistaken. The only nervous anxiety in my life comes from the anticipation of you and how well you must fit next to me. Can everyone else on the dance floor see it? Can they feel it to? Or is truly just ours? As I imagine turning you, I feel lost in it. My eyes are shut but I still know you in the darkness, drowned out by the rhythms of this night. I hear the song, and even though I’ve never heard it before, I know it will move me. Damn, now I’m just trying to stay awake. Play it again.
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