Cut 1 

You might be saying to yourself, “cut 1 of what?” The arrogance of myself, naturally assumes that anyone is reading this. I mean, after all, we are living in the “new normal,’ and quite honestly, we all have a bit more free time on our hands than before, so you might as well take a few moments of your day to get cut.

Sorry to say it like that, but I am not your usual blogger. Most of your blogs have a purpose. They can teach you about recipes, or what to buy for your wedding day and any other wonderful, beautiful thing that really doesn’t inspire or provoke thought. This blog might teach you something, or it might honestly just remind you of something that you forgot. The American attention span was 15 seconds back in the ’80’s when I was in high school. With “smartphones,” do you think that span grew or shrink? 

Hey! Hey! Pay attention! I am not finished.

I will make this quick. 
This is my photo, 
My first pick.
Just a suggestion to keep you from being sick.
Grab some Vitamin C and suck it through a stick.
Team kevin lives

Best Photographer in South Carolina by himself
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