You can tell about a person from the type of toilet paper they have in their house. Am I right?! We've all come to expect a public restroom to have the cheap kind. That giant 7lb roll of one ply sandpaper that doesn't have in perforations on it. You know what I mean?! You have to tear it by pulling it against those saw tooth teeth  that are at the wrong angle to hit because you sitting in a 4by 3ft stall. Who in here has hit themselves in the jaw because you pulled too hard trying to rip the paper from the protective housing that is designed to keep people from stealing the roll? Not me, I just wanted to see if any of you would put your hands up. Yes, that paper is cheap. But what happens when you go to a friends house and you need to use their bathroom? Do you find the three ply, quilted Charmin paper that is covered in aloe? No!! It would be too wonderful to find someone else that cares about the tenderness of your lower end. Instead, you find that recycled trash roll that feels like cardboard scraping against butt. I mean really?! These people you hanging with don't care about recycling anything else in the life. They don't even donate a dollar at petsmart to raise money for homeless pets. But, pun intended, when it comes to saving money, they skimp on the TP!! What the...?! Have you no decency?! Have you no shame?! If there is one thing that separates us as a civilization, it is our ability to create a soft, gentle Riley paper that can have the gentle healing touch of aloe. So, next time you go shopping for this modern necessity,     think about others and their needs. You never know when you might be  helping someone through a tough time.
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