Cut 11

Here’s the thing. I hate all politicians. They are all lying and they are not interested in what we want. They are interested in their own satisfaction. Worship no man!

Now that I have said that, let us use rational thought here when we look at this filth. Trump did not say it. Somebody who follows Trump did. I could show you countless hate messages that the other side have put up, but all you are going to do is say, yeah but Trump’s people did this! So I figured I would just beat you to the punch and show you what ignorance is. 

Ignorance means you are uninformed. That’s it. Not stupid. With that being said, any man, woman or child that supports these criminal…politicians is uninformed about the fact that they are members of the same club. They all have an agenda, and it is to move all of us to the New World Order. Out of Chaos, comes Order. Things are pretty chaotic right now. No matter who you vote for, the only thing you can be sure of is that ignorance put them into office.

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