Cut  10 
I found this shot the other day. It was taken in Washington Square in NYC. This was a street show put on by what I am guessing is the new form of breakdancing. It was a truly amazing display of what the human being is capable of. Be aware that I am aware, that I just ended that sentence with a preposition. I think about what training is, and what you have to go through to achieve this, is not understood. 
Maybe I am crazy but that might be what is wrong with society. We want everything now. We judge people with a swipe right, or a swipe left. The app even says nope in a sarcastic manner. To get to this level of physicality, you have to land on your face more than once, and you have to pick yourself off and wife the dust away and try again. 
But now, in this digital age where we are are so quick to hate because we can’t get people to do what we want everytime we want them to, we want to riot or tear what others have built down. This picture reminds me of a time in which I thought NYC was the most magical place you could be. We can’t say that now. 
Team Kevin Lives
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