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What is a master? And just for the sake of an argument, just because someone is a son of a master, it does not mean that he is a master by default. Now that we have that question in the air, let us discuss the somewhat obvious.

I say that because I am not sure if you saw the giant size bottle of opioids that were chained to our bike racks on Monday. The were put there by the DAODAS. It is a state agency that is supposed to help with the opioid crisis in America. These giant pill bottles give us a p.s.a for the safe storage of your heroin, I mean opioids. Now, if I am not mistaken, the crisis in America is not because of the freshness of your drugs. I am under the impression that big pharma is the cause of the crisis. 

So, our State tax dollars went to buying these big ass props and paying for a young lady to explain how to use the QR code on the bottle. This should help us kick the opioid crisis right in the dick and stop drug addiction forever. Obviously this is the work of a master politician. 

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