Cut 41
I made it! 41 days of blogs. One blog a day for 41 days. the one thing that I have learned from this experiment is that it pushed me to create new photos, and use new techniques that I had forgotten or improved upon. 
To celebrate I am posting this video. this is one of the coolest videos i have ever done. i made this with scott from it isn't there anymore, but at one time atlanta was the hotspot for up and coming skaters. i wanted to make the most disturbing skate video ever done. i might have succeeded because this video has actual people dying in it. what is wrong with me? to be honest, only god knows. most of this footage i swiped off of youtube before it was an issue. i am sure you will agree, this video will make you think. my intentions were that people would watch it and realize just how inconsequential, yet important we all are to the world and it's syncronicity. i would say skate or die, but in this case, skate and die.
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