Cut 5

Lately, I have been caught up in all of the horror that is our world today. It has been hard for me to see the light in anything. There is a running joke, “don’t talk to Kevin, he will kill your heroes.” It’s true. I am sure that I can trace any celebrity back to something unspeakable.

That is why today, I am taking the time to show you something beautiful. Something that can only happen when a group of like minded individuals get together and create something that you only see for a split second. To me, this photo says that. It has been a few years since I took it. I had forgot about it and one day I saw it and thought to make it black and white. Live, this moment in time would bed filled with loud pinks and pastels because it comes from the Waltz of Flowers in the Nutcracker Ballet performed by Columbia City Ballet. But, when the color comes out, you are left with the pure emotion of this dance, this moment. It is one of my favorite shots. Here’s to the beauty in the world that the arts create.

Team Kevin Lives
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