Cut 6

This is a piece of filet mignon steak. Red meat at it’s finest. Put a Kobe label on it and you are looking at a meal that will cost you a few hundred bucks. Worth it?

Maybe, but first let us take a look at meat. At the molecular level, there is no difference between the meat on this table and the meat of a cocker spaniel. Oh, wait. You don’t want me to bring that up? The fact that we eat some animals and not others? Oh, we must eat the ugly ones. After all, who wants a pet cow? Does that mean someone might eat your pet one day? Okay, okay, I am sorry for that one. Low blow, I know, I know. 

But seriously, do you know that it takes anywhere from 8 to 48 hours to digest one piece of flesh…I mean meat? The average American eats 24 to 48 oz of meat a day. For the record, I wasn’t a math major. For the sake of argument, that means it could potentially take up to a week to digest one day’s worth of food. Is there any wonder no one can lose weigh? Bon appetit.

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