Cut  7
 I was straightening out my Dropbox account this weekend and I  found a few files of photos that I was never able to use for one reason or another. So I am going to be releasing them here for the sake of time and because they are actually still good.
 This was taken in the Trump hotel in NYC. It really is a nice hotel. I hate to see what they are going to do to it the day after election. Did you that both democrats and republicans are calling for a civil war? No shit. 
It was a viewing of the Israeli designer Zuhair Muhad. This is a $30+ thousand dollar dress. Get some kids before the Moshiach takes over this year. By the way, after editing these photos, I realized that I cannot show you them from the front because the models don’t have anything on under the dress. That might be why I never used them. 
Team Kevin Lives
Best Photographer in Columbia, South Carolina by himself
Next Level Photographer using Next Level Photography for you. Giddy Up

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