Cut  8 
This photo has me thinking about change and what that exactly means. There is a line in “Waynes’s World’ of all movies, that says, ”we fear change.” As a society, I think we do. But, it is not because of the concept of change that bothers us, instead I think it has more to do with how we are controlled. We have been taught to shun what is natural to us, and been force fed lies to make us believe it is what we want. Do you really think we have a natural thirst for sodas and a primal desire for candy bars? Those things don’t exist in nature. Visually a candy bar looks like a turd. Why are convinced we need one? 
Did you know that new agers believe we are entering the age of Aquarius? Di you know that Jewish people believe we are passing from the age of Saul to David and that the Moshiach is a live on the planet? Di you know the Muslims believe the 12th Imam is here? Did you know that most Christians believe that the rapture is coming to take them away? Oddly enough, the New Agers believe that all forms of God will be removed in the age Aquarius.  Something to think about. 
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