Cut 9 
This is systemic. I know you are probably asking what is systemic about this trash that is left in the parking garage where I park at work, so let me clear it up for you. This looks like a group of vagrants had a feast here and left their mess for the servants to clean it up. This j ust happens to be the same entrance where last week I walked up on a prostitute and her John having sex on the sidewalk. Yeah, but why is this systemic? This garage just happens to have a police substation in it. But, since we can't get any police to do anything because of the protests, our streets are becoming shit. 
We have Americans screaming defund the police, to the same people that were first responders during the events of September 11th. Now, these heroes are all racist scum. All police are not bad. We must take a look at the officials that hired them, and the politicians that put those officials in place. Once we take those people out of their positions, the police can go back to keeping streets safe. If it were up to me, I would say "defund the media." The lies that they have place on us during this are shameful. They have us rattles so badly that Democrats and Republicans are calling for civil war after the election. One way or another, a world of shit is coming our way. 
So as long as we are yelling at the people that keep us safe, the ones that have no care for anything the rest of us have built will continue to piss on what we are and what we will eventually become. Stop being angry, and start thinking rationally. 
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