In my early 30’s, there wasn’t much I was interested in other than skateboarding, cameras and women. Not necessarily in that order, but for the most part, that’s it. I have always been good at talking to people once I know them, but I am shy when it comes to ladies. I don’t really know how to use pick up lines. So, when I approach someone and be honest about if I think they are pretty, it can always sound like a line.
So, I believe in laughter. Let’s start this party off with a laugh at myself because if you can’t laugh at yourself, you should not be laughing at others. 
Somewhere in the early 2000’s, I had this idea to write, “can we make out,” on a t shirt as a way to break the ice. I didn’t expect it to work as well as it did. I got laid a lot. I mean, a lot. 
Fast forward to today, and I find myself newly divorced. Yep, 10 years gone. Isn’t that how the Led Zeppelin song goes? Now, I am in the digital age of swipe right. I don’t know if I am going to survive this, so I need to resort to humor once again. So I got the old Sharpie out, and decided to test the old idea again. This is one of the photos I chose for my avatar. 
You think I have a chance?
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