I know it’s not a coincidence. It started happening when I met you. I can’t explain it, or even begin to describe what the dream possibly means. All I know, is that in this dream i am more alive than I’ve ever been.
I wake up and I’m in the ocean. Swimming through the depths of the waters, pushing through until I blast out of sea and I finally understand. I’m a dolphin. I’m a beautiful dolphin and I’m swimming into places I’ve never been before. There’s this freedom I have to move where I like but I still feel as if I am being guided through the warmth of the waves by your hand.
I know it sounds crazy, but I feel you guiding me. And a calmness has taken over me because I’m not trying to steer or control the ride. I’m just moving with it. The walls of the waters push back against me in a way that makes me feel warmer and safe. Don’t mistake me, the ride is not scary, it’s just intense. The blood pounds through me as your current quickens, moving me side to side, faster and faster. I never tire and the swim is always an awakening. I can’t describe it, but I’m sure it has everything to do with you.
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