We look at these government buildings and we think we see structure. Something firm and bonded with the  people that forged it. But, it is not like that at all. And we all know it, yet we still play along in the hate game known as Democrats vs. Republicans. If you only knew just how crooked these people are, you would run screaming, instead of posturing these criminals into gods. The way you people tore into a potential judge for something that may or may not happened was a shame. The way you beat Lewinski to death for being abused by the president was an outrage. You now have a man running for office that has been seen many times fondling and sniffing little girls hair. Why is that not as  important as “grabbing them by the pussy?” And now, you posture over a disease that may, or may not exist. You have created a lie, and your media has done nothing but sell it for you. As I stand here and watch your dome fade, I realize it is just an obvious sign that you are losing your hold on us. You have allowed your opinions and self interests rule us for too long, and it is a matter of time before your crimes are exposed. 
This shit is not real.
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