Have you ever fallen in love with something the moment you saw it. I felt this way one time them moment I walked into a music store in Black Mountain, NC. It was this quaint little boutique shop that only sold acoustic instruments. It was there that I found this beauty.
It is a Kala solid wood tenor ukulele. By this time, everyone in my family and circle of friends knew that I was obsessed with the ukulele. I like it because of it’s simplicity. There are only 4 strings and 2 octaves, and it doesn’t matter if you play a sad or happy tune because it always makes you feel good to hear it. 
There is this long time conspiracy about music that I read about. It is about how the nazis figured out that tuning instruments to 440 instead of 432, you could create disharmony in a person’s mind. Isn’t it refreshing to see that the ukulele is naturally tuned to 432? That explains the harmony. Well, maybe.
In any case, I liked how the light was coming in this window, so I decided to prop my baby up against the wall. Isn’t she beautiful?
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