What is validation? Why do we seek it in others? But most importantly, why is it such an issue for us to find in ourselves? The only way you find these answers is by finding confidence in yourself that proves that you don't need to validate yourself. But then, whoa, then we find ourselves caught in a trap trying to prove that not only do we not need their validation, we prove it by saying we don't need them. But, to be alone, is that really the best life?
That is a question from a man slowly, but quickly approaching half a century. And yet, I still strive to be on a skateboard more than anything I have ever been a part of. Have I grown up? Do you think my family has learned to accept this? We all patiently wait for the opportunity to say, "I told you that skateboard was dangerous." We all wait for it. I can do something for 40 decades and it not be validated by the ones I love. So, how do we know what validation is? Is that a side effect this in life? No matter what you are, you will always be seeking a validation you can never receive. So why seek it? Expose it for what it is worth. Nothing but someone's criticism. Did you know they give awards for that kind of shit?
And, does that mean I am suited as better off alone? Let's be honest, the joke goes, "what do you call a skateboarder without a girlfriend? Homeless." I know what it implies, but actually it is much deeper. A skateboarder doesn't see the world like you. He sees the world you live in and he finds a way to take a ride on it. And when he gets to the top of the ride and is about to free-fall into your world, he puts his hands out of the bucket and gives caution to the wind.  I have never fit in. I don't plan on it. I like being different from the world, and I don't seek its validation, only the friendship, and love that is found in it. 
If you don't approve, save it for your social media. 
Save me from your social media. 
Save me from your criticisms.
Save my love. 
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