She exists outside of my world. I do not believe I have ever met her. but she has found me, and I was not sure I was wanting to be found. I was not sure that I am built for love. maybe for a fantasy, maybe something less. who knows for sure? all i know is it was by sheer chance that i discovered what I have been missing.
what is a muse? I am sure there is an official definition, but i am asking you to think about it the way that I do. It is not about her love. it is not about her body and the way she touches me. it is about the way that she inspires me by showing me her vulnerability. that act of being unashamed and willing to show her a side of herself that no other shows. her willingness to bare herself to you, to be naked in front of you and and lead you into something reserved from others.
but, there is more. there is always more. she is aroused by my works. aroused by my creativity. she opens herself to me because she sees the art involved. she sees the struggle that i go through to show the world what I am capable of being through the push of a button. she sees the beauty in what it is that I capture and wants to see more. so she bares herself to me even more. to inspire, to push and to give life to the ideas that are in me. this is what a muse is. this is what I have been missing.
and now she has revealed herself to me again. what manner of art will she pull from me? what will i be able to create with her in my corner.
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